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Bond Connect Admission Guide for Overseas Investors


This Admission guidance shall apply to those overseas investors acquiring access to China Interbank Bond Market (hereinafter as CIBM) within the regulatory framework as prescribed in the Interim Measures for Administration of Mutual Access between Mainland China and Hong Kong Bond Markets published by PBOC and accept China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS)for admission registration purposes.


Market Admission and Trading Account application

Prospective overseas investors to Bond Connect shall submit market admission and account application documentations (Annex 1 - 5) in duplicate to Bond Connect Company Limited(hereinafter as BCCL). BCCL shall provide necessary documentation preparation and translation service along with admission assistance, then submit the completed and qualified application to CFETS.

CFETS shall submit documentations on behalf of the overseas investor to PBOC Shanghai Head Office for filing purpose. After receiving successful filing notification, CFETS shall open trading account in its system and inform the applicant via BCCL.

Contact Email:



Information Update

Per requested by PBOC Shanghai Head Office, overseas investors shall submit Bond Connect Registration Update Form (Annex 6) when the following filing information is changed: institution name, product name, product maturity dates, etc. Upon receiving the Update Form, CFETS shall submit to PBOC Shanghai Head Office on behalf of the overseas investors. After registration update is successful, CFETS shall update relevant user information on the CFETS system.


Closing Account and Market Exit

Overseas investors who wish to exit the Bond Connect scheme shall submit Bond Connect Exit Form (Annex 7) to BCCL in accordance with the aforementioned process, and settle any outstanding fees and transactions accordingly. After confirming completion of relevant matters, CFETS shall close the accounts and process market exit and inform the investor via BCCL.


Contact Information

Contact person 1: Andrew Zhao

Contact Number: +86-21-20693850


Contact person 2: Lydia Lu

Contact Number: +86-21-38585436

Contact Email: bondconnect@chinamoney.com.cn



Annex 1: Application Documentation Checklist

Annex 2-1: CIBM Registration Application Form

Annex 2-2: Registration Form for Overseas Institutional Investors from Bond Connect(For Incorporated Entities)

Annex 2-3: Registration Form for Overseas Institutional Investors from Bond Connect(For Unincorporated Entities)

Annex 2-4: Letter of Authorization to Registration Agent

Annex 3: Bond Connect Investors Business Application Form

Annex 4:Statement of No Major Disciplinary Action in Past Three Years

Annex 5: Compliance Commitment Statement

Annex 6: Bond Connect Registration Update Form

Annex 7: Bond Connect Exit Form


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