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1. When and how to change the registration?

A: If an FII needs to change relevant registration information, it should entrust its settlement agent to change the information in the access registration information system. Items subject to change include: the FII's capital scale inbounded within 9 months after completing registration is less than 50% of the registered expected investment scale; information change of account name, product manager or trustee, settlement agent, and investment scale. If the change is approved, PBC Shanghai HQ will issue a new registration notice.

2. What materials should be provided to exit the market?

A: After the FII writes off the bond account and terminates the network connecting, the settlement agent should submit relevant information in a form to PBC Shanghai HQ.

3. How long does it take to change the registration?

A: Within 20 workdays after all materials are submitted.

4. Does an Foreign Institutional Investor already in the inter-bank bond market have to make registration again?

A: No.

5. What's the format of Investment Registration Form and settlement agency agreement?

A: The Investment Registration Form should be signed/sealed by the Foreign Institutional Investor; settlement agency agreement should be signed/sealed by both the investor and the settlement agent and be scanned and uploaded to the electronic registration system as an attachment. There is no need to deliver the original form to PBC Shanghai HQ.

6. For unincorporate products, is it necessary to provide the settlement agency agreement for every product?

A: For unincorporate products, the settlement agency agreement is signed by the product's investment manager.

7. Does the "investment horizon" under the "initial intent of investment" mean the plan for using the investment quota?

A: "Investment horizon" means the term in which the institution or the product expected to invest in China's inter-bank bond market.

8. Can Foreign Institutional Investor change its settlement agent?

A: Yes, but it shall registration the change on record following certain procedures.

9. Do the multiple products of the same institution need to be registered separately?

A: To clearly identify and independently deal with investors' assets and guarantee their beneficial ownership, multiple products should be registered separately.


Sourcetranslated from PBOC Shanghai HQ website

http://shanghai.pbc.gov.cn/fzhshanghai/113595/3070360/index.html Chinese available only

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