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I. Foreign Central Banks and Similar Institutions

To access the inter-bank market, relevant overseas institutional investors shall send by courier the original copy of the Chinese Inter-Bank Market Investment Registration Form or submit the Form through an inter-bank market settlement agent on their behalf to the PBC.

Relevant overseas institutional investors shall entrust the PBC or other inter-bank market settlement agents capable of processing international settlement to exercise trading and settlement on their behalf. Should relevant overseas institutional investors choose inter-bank market settlement agents to conduct trading and settlement, they are required to sign settlement agency agreements and report to the PBC Shanghai Head Office for filing in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.

Entrusted to provide agency trading and settlement services for relevant overseas institutional investors, settlement agents may open RMB special depository accounts for relevant overseas institutional investors.

Notice of the People’s Bank of China (PBC) on Issues Concerning Investment of Foreign Central Banks, International Financial Institutions and Sovereign Wealth Funds with RMB Funds in the Inter-bank Market  2015.7.14 EN CH


II. Other Qualified Overseas Institutional Investor

A qualified overseas institutional investor shall entrust an inter-bank market settlement agent competent in international settlement business (hereinafter referred to as the settlement agent) to conduct bond trading and settlement, unless otherwise stipulated by the PBC. Trading and settlement by the settlement agent shall be conducted in accordance with the agent settlement agreement signed between the agent and the investor.

A settlement agent entrusted to provide agent trading and settlement services to an overseas institutional investor shall submit the Investment Registration Form to the PBC Shanghai Head Office for record on behalf of the overseas institutional investor.

PBOC Public Notice No. 3 [2016]  2016.2.24  EN CH



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