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Loan Transfer Market Development and Suggestion



As a basic tool of credit risk transfer among commercial banks, loan transfer plays an important role in the credit risk management and operational innovation for  the international banks. A comprehensive and in-depth research on development, status, motivation and influence of loan transfer in the financial market of developed countries, especially the US , is very useful for the development of China's loan transfer market..


Firstly, the research has an overall review of the construction and development of the US loan transfer market. It comprehensively reviews key factors for the promotion of loan transfer market, and systematically analyzes the status quo and characteristics of the US loan transfer market. Secondly, the research discusses the development of China's debt loan transfer market and analyzes the loan transfer business both among commercial banks and between commercial banks and trust companies, as well as the credit assets securitization activities in China. Lastly, the research provides a general idea for the construction of China's loan transfer market, and offers some suggestions for the better and faster development of China's loan transfer market in the future.

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