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(The English version is used for reference only. Should the English version doesn't match the meaning of the original text in Chinese, the Chinese version shall prevail.)


The Guidelines for NAFMII Membership as Institutional Members

(Revised Edition)


The Guidelines are formulated with a view to facilitating market participants to join NAFMII membership, and are in accordance with the Constitution of the NAFMII and relevant rules and regulations.


 Prerequisites for Membership

1.     With wishes to join NAFMII and accept its self-regulatory management ;

2.     Uphold the Constitution of the NAFMII;

3.     The legal person and other relevant institutions are within the territory of the People’s Republic of China and;

4.     Engaging in relevant businesses in the inter-bank market;

5.     Other qualifications required by the NAFMII.

Apart from the five prerequisites listed above, the non-financial enterprises issuing debt financing instruments shall also meet the following two conditions:

1.     Production and management are in conformity with national macro-control policy, industrial policy, environmental protection policy and relevant laws and regulations;

2.     No major violation of laws and regulations for the preceding three years and no administrative punishment by national administrative authorities.


 Documents Required for Application

1.     Application form (affiliated institutions also need to submit written documents of permit or authorization);

2.     The Constitution of the corporation;

3.     Copies of Business License duplicate or Practice License duplicate;

4.     Introduction to the corporation’s profile and resumes of major persons in charge;

5.     Briefings on  relevant businesses engaged in the inter-bank market;

Including but not limited to the following contents: primary market business, secondary market business, derivative products business, business qualifications obtained and business development briefings, innovative business progress and description of capability of analysis and research;

6.     Relevant business regulations, business procedures, and risk control system;

7.     Proof letter by corporations of no major violations of laws and regulations.;

8.     Audit report of the preceding year;

9.     Membership Registration Form (see Appendix).

The materials above should be affixed with officially seal and paging seal by the corporations.


  Admission Process

1.     When the completed membership application form and the other documents required are ready, please email the electronic version to nafmii_huiyuan@126.com, the mailbox of the Members and Laws Affairs Department of the NAFMII. The materials will then be inspected preliminarily by the NAFMII staff, confirming whether they meet the requirements of the NAFMII;

2.     After confirmation and notification by the NAFMII staff, the applicants should submit paper version of all the materials to the Secretariat of the NAFMII. The materials will be re-inspected by the NAFMII staff;

3.     The NAFMII staff will report applicants that meet the requirements of the NAFMII to the Secretary General Office for deliberation;

4.     Once the decision has reached by the Secretary General Office, the NAFMII staff will send the Notice of NFAMII Membership Record to the applicants that are qualified for membership and inform them to pay membership fees in accordance with the rules and regulations.

5.     The NAFMII staff will send the Notice of NFAMII Membership to applicants who have already paid membership fees, confirming that they are now members of the NAFMII and updating the member list on the NAFMII website at the same time.


  Points for Attention

1.     Applicants should carefully read the Constitution of the NAFMII and understand the rights and obligations of NAFMII members before making applications.

2.     The NAFMII members should pay membership fees annually. The fees standards are approved by the Congress of NAFMII. For detailed information, please contact the NAFMII staff.

3.     The corporations issue non-financial debt instruments, shall become the special member of the NAFMII and pay special membership fees. The special membership fees standards are also approved by the Congress of NAFMII. For detailed information, please contact the NAFMII staff.

4.     Should applicants have any queries during the admission process, please contact the NAFMII staff in time.


  Contact Us

Address: Department of Members and Laws Affairs,

National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors,

16th Floor, Financial Street Centre South Building, No. 9A

Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing;

Post Code: 100133;

Telephone: 010-6653 9121 (Li Ya Xin);

Fax: 010-66539039;

Email: nafmii_huiyuan@126.com

Website: http://www.nafmii.org.cn;

Appendix: The Membership Registration Form of the NAFMII


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