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The People's Bank of China Governor Yi Gang and Deputy Governor Pan Gongsheng visited NAFMII and China Bond Insurance Co., Ltd. (CBIC) on October 24 for investigation into such issues as bond financing support instruments for private enterprises, and held a symposium.


Governor Yi Gang fully recognized NAFMII and CBIC for their efforts to establish bond financing support facilities for private enterprises, and highly praised all staffs under NAFMII for their professionalism and dedication. With continuous efforts to implement the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council into the next phase, and stick to the basic economic system and the policy of "two unswerving ",Governor Yi said, NAFMII and CBIC should actively make use of bond financing support instruments for private enterprises to improve the financial accessibility of private enterprises and create a good financing environment for the development of private enterprises.


Senior executives from the General Office of the People's Bank of China, the Monetary Policy Department, the Financial Markets Department, the Financial Stability Bureau and the NAFMII, and Huida Asset Management Ltd. Co, are also participate the symposium


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